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The STAR Program

A life transformational program for the mind, body, soul and spirit on all levels!

 are YOU ready for change?

are YOU willing to make changes in YOUR thinking?

ARE YOU READY TO be THE STAR THAT you truly are?

This is a very special four month program that is one of a kind. You will be guided and helped to manifest a truly magical life full of positive changes and miracles! Here is a link to a video explaining more about The STAR Program...

  • Regularly scheduled one on one sessions with me (additional sessions will be available at a special rate if needed)

  • I AM list – I help you make a list that is best for you based on what you choose (or equal to or better than) that is in alignment with who you are truly meant to be

  • All kinds of Clearings, Healings, Integrations, Alignments, Balancing, Upgrades, Activations, Downloads and MUCH MORE

    • Clearing negative energies

    • Subconscious clearing of what is not serving you and positive downloads

    • Cord cutting

    • Chakras – cleared, aligned and balanced

    • Downloads – positive and beneficial beliefs, programs, morphic fields, frequencies, codes and symbols

    • Strengthen divine connections and communication

    • Strengthen intuition and other gifts, abilities and powers

    • Physical healing and healing on all levels

    • Akashic Records - clearing, resolving and healing

    • Blueprints – clearing, healing and upgrading

    • Crystalline Matrix and Helix – clearing, healing and activation

    • DNA cleansing, healing and activations

    • Cellular memories and neuropathways – clearing, resolving and healing

    • Clearing and healing blocks, karma, trauma, thought forms and thought patterns

    • Soul retrieval, clearing and healing

  • Soul power and energy restored – Life Force Energy

  • Your frequency will increase

  • Become more conscious – use more of your conscious mind

  • Clear the path to your soul’s mission and learn more about your life's purpose

  • Learn how to think more positively and why this is important

  • Learn how to create what you want – manifesting and the law of attraction

  • Learn how to do some clearing and healing techniques for self-care and maintenance

  • Access to The STAR Program Community Facebook group that is supportive, educational and inspirational

  • Access to a list of books and movies that will be beneficial for your fast progress

  • You will be given exercises and homework assignments that are beneficial for the best results and to help change old patterns

  • and MUCH MORE for the purchase price of only $3,999.00 USD (payment options available)

  • Contact me if you want to learn more or find out if this program is best for you


The STAR Program - Testimonials

It's hard to identify all of the positive changes that have happened since working with Christy and The Star Program. She does so much for her clients. I feel closer to and more hopeful of achieving my health, professional, and personal goals. I am taking fewer supplements. My energy and patience have improved. My muscle testing is more accurate and I am more confident in my own energy healing methods. I dream again and that hasn't happened in years. Relationships in my family have improved. I believe more than ever in manifesting positive things in my and my family's lives. Overall, Christy's intentions are very pure and light driven. She uses her own journey to help others and she is always learning more and more which she is happy to share.

April - USA

The STAR Program has been a huge gift I have offered to myself. I was ready to expand and connect with my soul and Christy has really given me all the support and the key to do so....a lot of support. Her suggestions and inspirations, her loving and attentive presence have helped me so much to shift my point of view. Now, after three months, I see that I can manifest what I choose. I am beginning to surrender and let go of the control and I am beginning to believe that everything is possible....that I can manifest the life of my dreams and that miracles happen....and this is just the beginning!! I am really thankful to Christy for this! This is a magical program! Thank you!

Claudia - Italy

I can call myself a lucky girl. I met Christy in the Angel Alchemy Academy and the first time I had a session with her, I saw her like a star and at that time I couldn't understand why. With time we started working on a regular basis and every single time I had a session with her I felt happier and healthier. My soul was truly happy and thankful. I started calling my sessions with Christy - my soul SPA.

I was lucky enough to take part in her STAR Program. I was so willing to change. I wanted to feel happy and healthy every second and not just occasionally. During the first three months, I changed dramatically. Here are few major points in my transformation:

1. I am so deeply in love with myself. This was so big for me. Now I can feel the love in every cell of my body and I have this beautiful knowing that I deserve the best.

2. I am self-aware of what I say and what I do, because I manifest so fast and in most cases I see results on the same day.

3. I keep my thoughts positive because I only want to manifest the things that I want.

4. I am really joyful and happy all the time.

5. I am truly in love with my life.

6. I am completely healthy.

And much, much more.

Christy is a phenomenal healer, extremely educated and with deep knowing of what she is doing. Christy is a very caring, precise and respectful healer. She sees the star in you, believes in you and gives you the strength, the healing and the support you need to stay strong in your power and to manifest the life you want and choose. These are qualities that few in the world possess. I am deeply thankful to Christy. I am a really lucky, lucky girl that I met Christy!

Zhasmina - Norway

Here is the link to listen to my interview with Cathy Hohmeyer about The STAR Program...