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My life purposes include being a healer and teacher, creating miracles, manifesting and so much more.  Each session is different and custom designed for you because everyone is unique in their own way.  I also work with animals, babies and children along with clearing electronics, houses and properties of negative energies too.  Here are some of the testimonials that have been sent to me...


Christy Warnick Healing Testimonial

Peter Schenk

I would like to share a story about someone who recently messaged me that after years of going through symptoms of fibromyalgia, she is no longer in pain and is able to work more doing what she loves to do. She had been having reoccurring symptoms that would cause her to have to take time off from work and rest. I did a few remote sessions with her and then she has been on my healing/manifesting table doing my Be A Better Balanced You program and is no longer suffering from the symptoms she was experiencing. I am now helping her with restoring her energy levels. This has all happened within two to three months.

It makes me and my heart so happy to receive messages like this from my clients. There are so many other wonderful experiences that people share with me during and after sessions, programs and videos too. Energy healing saved my life and that inspires me to help others to regain their freedom. I am so very grateful! ❤️

If you have had a session with me, participated in a program or watched my videos and would like to share your experience to inspire others, please message or email me. Thank you all so much! 💖🙏💖

Christy Warnick - Spiritual, Intuitive and Energy Healer

My experience with Christy’s healing has been a miraculous one! She helped my son to be healed from stubborn eczema that he had behind his knees. In a matter of days he was completely clear and has been like that since (two months already). Blessings Christy for your amazing work!

Letizya - China

Feeling incredibly inspired, motivated, joyful and light as a feather after my first session with Christy Warnick!  Some emotional things have been resolved and I received so much insight on things I want to be and do, skills to develop and future paths to take and explore, a suiting job and clarity around my purpose, and all very personal and specific, intuitively.  I just know this is exactly what I needed! Very grateful for your help and I love you even more than I already did.

Temi Guzik

I had a Lightwave session with Christy and it felt so amazing. I could feel activity in my Crown and Root Chakra...I also felt so relaxed and calm, I fell asleep straight after...I didn't feel great the next day, so I contacted Christy and she got straight to the root of the problem for me. 💖 A lot of things have shifted in my life since my experience with Christy, It's been amazing. Christy is amazing in all that she does, I feel her beautiful soul shining through. Thank you so much beautiful 💖🙏💖


Christy, I’ve been searching for days to find the right words to thank you for the session. I definitely felt deep peace and balance when the session was over—something that couldn’t have come at a better time for me—timely really. The following days have really helped me feel FREEDOM! Being able to understand what’s happening deep inside of my heart and being able to see clearly where I need to focus my work is very important. I cannot thank you enough! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Rena Dwelle - North Dakota, USA

Thank you Christy! Yesterday was fantastic. The Lightwave energy was very subtle yet profound for me. I felt so very grounded and balanced all day. For a day of tapping into all the light codes and energy coming into the planet besides any hectic things that came up, I remained very calm, and grounded right down to the crystalline core of our earths mother as well as connected to father sky and all that is! Beautiful...I am very grateful! I highly recommend this light wave balancing. Today, I had a truly awesome day and actually still am. Even stressful situations were met with ease! 💜

Georgia Siegner - United States

Christy is a talented intuitive healer and has a breadth of knowledge & spiritual tools & insight which inform her innate ability to help those who are seeking help & guidance. She’s helped me personally with healing & growth. We have also collaborated to broadcast information & energy healing on our FB Live platform “Lightworkers Roundtable” and have been on both The Akashic Academy & Soulogy networks. Christy also has several shows on Akashic Academy Network & can also be found in FB Live. I would recommend her services to any who are looking for healing or guidance. Thank you for all you’ve helped me with Christy. I look forward to working with you more in future now moments. Namaste.

Mike Cappo - United States

I did a session with Christy that was very enlightening. She was able to go through a process to show me where I could use some light and healing. This is great! As a spiritual seeker, Christy challenged me to look deeper at my own healing and journey and helped me raise my vibe. Thank you!

Nick Periera - Canada

Wow Christy, thanks! I don't know what you did, but I got big smiles and my head is sooooo light like a cloud. Thank you, wow. ❤ No one's ever done that. 💖 I feel really emotional in a good way like I give up fighting things that are not good... Still carried on for what I believe to be right and good now. You are amazing Christy. I have nothing but love for you...thank you. ❤ ❤ ❤ Especially it being me because I had so many blocks mental ones to stop anything and everything from connecting with me. I don't get close to anyone and when I do I've cut them off. I always had to fight. This is totally new, like safe... I think I feel safe.

Liannah Barnes

Christy, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I watched your dragon show earlier this week, and it did magic for me. It gave me just this little push that I needed to address my limitations. I had been fearful every night and the fear kept me from sleeping, but the night after your dragon show, I slept like a rose. I see things so much clearer and I have more vitality and energy. And as a very pleasant side effect, I envision dragons and feel their energies when I look at them! Ha ha, it makes me laugh in joy and glory! I was thinking before that show of yours, of how I could perhaps try an initiative of planting trees in my neighborhood, talking to each neighbor individually and voluntarily do it all myself, but was hesitant and felt all these limiting thoughts of how it could fail or talking to all these people.. your show gave me the push to release all doubt and just go for it and continue my journey. I see that nothing can go wrong and it will be a wonderful learning experience no matter what I want to undertake. Thank you so much for giving me this energy. I am so thankful, thank you for existing here Christy. 😄 Thank you for being, much love sent your way. I’ll certainly check out more of your videos! I can't put it to words, but in some magical way I resonate incredibly well with your energy work! 💙 How lovely that people can help each other.. such a blissful loving experience.

Temi Guzik

I just wanted to share my working and experience with Christy and her abilities. I first contacted her in September, 2017 for any healing on my back and knees. Well, after my session for the 1st time in years, I could actually kneel on them. Even do a cha cha cha dance on my knees. I was so impressed with her abilities with my results. I asked her about purchasing a package. You see, I have a brother who was diagnosed with inoperable Stage 3 Lung Cancer. He has a young wife and 4 year old and 2 year old boys. I asked her if she could do distant healing on him. That he had given me his permission. He went through very aggressive chemo and radiation. Of course he had pain and depression. Christy worked on him and would keep me updated on his progress. During this difficult period I bought several session packages. Christy kept his overall health and light score up and mine too. She gave me real compassion. She uplifted me with constantly keeping my brother and some of my other family members as well as myself on her table. Out of one of the packages, I even asked her to do healing on my friend with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. She helped get her health and light score up too. Which helps when you are going through the grueling treatments. As of now with God's grace and mercy, I believe I was guided to Christy. As of today, there is no Cancer activity with my brother. My friend's tumor has significantly shrunk. So, Christy, thank you for all your care and attention. Love and Light to you and yours...

Patty - New York, USA

CHRISTY! Your energy is absolutely a "chill pill!" Been dealing with a lot of stress factors recently in my life, and I slept like a baby last night for the first time in a long time after a Lightwave balance session with you. During the session, I felt my solar plexus LIGHT up, and then the burn moved up to my heart chakra and throat chakra and I felt it leave through my crown chakra. I can't explain the bliss I encountered other than PURE BLISS and clarity. Thank you for helping me clear some things that no longer served my chakras/mind/body! I appreciate your healing gifts, thank you!

Kelli Richey - North Dakota, USA

I recently saw Christy Warnick who was a guest on The Wellness Show with host, Tyhson Banighen, on Facebook Live and the show was about Enhancing Your Spiritual Gifts. Being a Reiki Master, who started my dowsing and pendulum use, was drawn like a moth to a candle to take part in the show. From the start, the energy vibration was a signal and I picked the right place to be although it meant staying up late being from South Africa. The experience was out of this world. It has empowered me to step up and make things happen. I gained the energies that I thought never existed. I do watch the show often as there was a lot to take in. To Christy Warnick, your work is amazing and I will gladly follow you as there’s a lot still to learn. This has helped me to continue to provide healing support for a girl I helped to locate that went missing. I was able to help find her with my dowsing skills and my own connection to Source. She continues to show improvement. Thank you for allowing me to follow you.

Keerath Maharaj – South Africa

Thank you so much Christy! I have felt and know that with Christy’s sessions, I have cleared and balanced so much energy. After the sessions I can feel the changes and the clarity and grounding that comes from it. It’s so hard to explain into words the amazing results.

But don’t take my words get a session and know this for yourself.

Many blessings Christy! So blessed to have you and your love.

Laura Garza-Moreno – California, USA

I have had a beautiful energy healing tonight by Christy. It was relaxing and very peaceful..... As she worked, I could feel the energy moving around my body...pulsing to life.... I have been suffering with a problem with the popliteal fossa on the right side. Christy was not aware of this during the healing.... I can report my knee no longer gives way and the discomfort and ache have gone.... I'm tingling with energy all over... Christy is a very powerful and empowering healer. Thank you very much for my wonderful healing.

Deborah Williams - United Kingdom

Amazing! I received a Lightwave session with Ms. Christy. Oh my God! Incredible! So, as she was sending, I could absolutely feel the energy and my heart chakra expanded exponentially! The following day, my 3rd eye visions were vivid, I was seeing EVERYTHING clear, very clear! I absolutely feel this experience was not only an amazing gift but the best thing to help myself! Thank you so very very much Ms. Christy!

Britney Duncan – Georgia, USA

Wow! I just had a remote Lightwave session with Christy. I could feel the energy flowing everywhere! I felt tingling, pulling, pulsing, a lot of movement in my abdomen area, ears ringing. I was intuitively guided to place crystals on different areas of my body. It was so calming and relaxing. I feel great! Thank you so much Christy for this wonderful experience.

Kim Knowles Althouse – Pennsylvania, USA

I contacted Christy after I had viewed her video on using the Terra Resonator. At the time, I was looking to get one and needed help with extra work hours and a financial tax issue ...She was kind enough to assist me by placing me on her manifestation area. I also watched a replay on her Abundance video...which is awesome. Two weeks later, I was able to purchase my Terra Resonator as I received more work hours! 
I am very Thankful, she has a big heart and Passionate in her Energy work. 
All the Best and more, Christy!!

Love, Prem - USA

Christy Warnick is a beautiful soul out to make a difference in helping heal people’s spiritual mind, body, and spirit. She has helped me and others to overcome health issues and as well emotional. I would recommend her for anyone who can’t use some traditional methods in today’s society or can’t find an answer. I’m like Christy and energy healing helped save my life. Namaste.

Sherry Macartney – Tennessee, USA

I had a phenomenal remote Lightwave session with Christy yesterday. I immediately felt my throat chakra clear. I experienced golden white light all around me and felt it coming in through my Heart and Solar Plexus. Today, I woke up feeling grounded and centered. I highly recommend having a session with her!

Shelley Sol - North Carolina, USA

Yesterday, I received an amazing Lightwave Session from Christy Warnick! It truly lifted my vibes and brought me back to balance.

Before starting, my chakras were only at 59% and by the time she finished they were all spinning at 99%. When she first started, I kept seeing her image flashing before me, so I knew I was in for something incredible. I felt a smile emanating from deep with me. I felt so light, completely unburdened.

As I kept myself open to receiving, I could feel the work most intensely on my 3rd eyes, crown, and causal chakras. Afterward, I slept like a baby and was blessed not to have any of the nightmares I have been having.

I totally recommend that you get a hold of Christy Warnick for your own session with her and you too will feel the high vibes and balance that I received.

Teresa Warren – California, USA

Thank you Christy Warnick for this beautiful uplifting healing gift you shared with me today. I have felt the strength of the energy shift through my body...

My crown and 3rd eye were pulsating... my heart was beating faster...and the power of realignment in my lower body leaves nothing to the imagination.

The energy through my hands and feet feels awesome....

I thank you for this beautiful uplifting gift. Your session has left me with a deep feeling of peace and a spiritual hug of energy from the Angels ...

Deborah – U.K.

Christy is an incredible and powerful healer! When I experience her healings live or on a replay of a video I feel it immediately in my body - through tingles, heat or just feeling the energy flow. She is a kind, friendly, welcoming, sweet, caring and beautiful soul <3 I'm so grateful the Universe brought us to each other. I've learned so much from her wisdom and know she's here to make wonderful waves of change in the world!

Laura McPhee - Canada

My Lightwave session with Christy was tranformative! I felt glowing energy lifting weight off of my emotional body. I also had an out of body experience that completely changed my outlook on life!

Chrysta Higgenbotham – Texas, USA

There is an overwhelming Personal Peace that comes from the Divine within, when healing occurs. My prayers became Miracles when I received a remote Lightwave session to balance my chakras, elementals and body systems from the very special talented Christy Warnick. She is AND has a true gift of healing that allows you to enter the 'Miracle space' and find the true meaning of our FEELGOOD FREEDOM~Thank you! So much Love!

KellyJean McGrain – California, USA

I had a clarity call with Christy, and I have to say that the little bits of healing she did have already had a tremendous impact on my outlook on life. Innately gifted would be the only way to describe the level at which she heals. I highly recommend you get in touch with her to see how much she can heal in you.

Thank you Christy!

Yves LeBlanc – Canada

I want to give Thanks to Miss Christy and share with all. <3

Christy gifted me with an amazing session last night and I would love to share what I felt.

Her timing was so perfect I had just fished giving a massage and was just sitting in my office chilling, when she messaged and said she was going to be sending to me. Wow ! how awesome is that. So, I of course, just sat back and closed my eyes and opened up to allow the energy to flow to and through me.

First off I felt just a wave of relaxation come over my whole being, like someone was giving me a massage. Yummy. Then it is hard to describe, I did not see colors but I felt colors flow through me and a warming sensation pulsing through my body. Then it was like I left my body, I have never done that before. I cannot really say where I went but it felt really good and I kind of dosed off. When I came back to my body and woke it was 30 minutes later. WoW! Like a mini vacation.

She messaged me later and told me what she had worked on. So KOOL.

She said she worked on:  Chakras, Elementals and Body Systems and that they were overall 48% balanced and after the work they, are now 97% balanced with continued divine support.

As I drove home, I still felt light and airy like I was floating. I went to bed and I have to say it was one of the best nights sleep I have had in a while. Thank you Miss Christy Warnick.  What an Amazing Gift!!! Time will only tell how the changes will show up in my life I'll let you know as time goes on.

I would like to tell everyone!!! Give yourself this Gift, it is I think better than a vacation. Because I feel like it will change my life for the Better, and I did not even have to leave home.

Thank you!

Judy Huffman – Kansas, USA

I have experienced a huge, amazing, brilliant, wonderful shift in my life and miracles poured from everywhere!

Thanks you so much Christy, with deep gratitude and love,

Silvia – Italy

I love her energy work it really goes right to the core of your being. I feel like it will be with me for a while and enhance all the work that I do as well. Thank you so much Miss Christy!

Judy – USA

Thank you so much! it was excellent!!! I already feel some improvement and am totally relaxed.

Ute Grabner – Austria

Christy Wood Warnick has changed my life in every way possible. I would be stuck in a depression..possibly contemplating suicide again..I've been given my life again because of her. I still have hurdles but she's been there every step of the way. Her healing and guidance has opened me up in so many ways and has allowed me to release so much of past shit. And I've come to love me..and so many opportunities have opened me up that I ventured out and I have a huge deal in the works..which is what I've been so stagnant on but she pushed me so ever thankful she did. :)"

Shy Neufeldt - Canada

I have been working with Christy and I felt drawn to her through a mutual website. I have had for years chronic pain in lower back and both knees.I have had 2 bad falls . I went to the Chiropractor and Ortho specialist. I had xrays and MRI told me deteriorating discs and athritis in both knees plus a piece of bone floating around. I have had many healers work on me. I had accupunture, massage, biomats and medicine. 
The only thing that has helped me 100% was Christy. I worked with her maybe 3 weeks ago. I'm grateful and blown away. I feel like a new person not having the chronic agonizing pain. I'm an active wife and mother. Plus dealing with brother who is very sick. I have Christy working with him. Everyone is getting a session with her for Christmas. I'm a healer but my family just doesn't support me in this way. So I know Christy was Divinely guided to me.

Patty - New York, USA

Christy is an amazing healer. She just recently helped me clear out some interferences and attachments, and so many underlying imbalances associated with these so that my energy field was so much more clear and I was able to receive more accurate information. She really puts her heart and soul into helping people achieve their goals, including health, removal of unwanted programming and other things that bog our energy down and helping us to raise our vibrations. She's so knowledgeable and has such a large set of "tools" to pull from in her healings...I can't imagine that there is anything that she can't successfully tackle! Thank you Christy Warnick - Spiritual, Intuitive and Energy Healer!

Kim - USA

I would like to share with everyone the amazing healing experience I received from Christy Wood Warnick. I recently lost my mother and was so saddened by her sudden passing, I could barely cope. I am very advanced in my spiritual progression and was very skeptical that I would benefit from a healing from someone else. I was so thankfully surprised when I learned that her energy and intentions were true and that we could indeed come together and I received exactly what I needed to let go and move on in peace. I would recommend this experience for everyone. We are all holding onto junk that affects our entire psyche and no longer serves us. Try it out! Wow!

Tina - Canada

Christy Warnick, remember her name if you need healing. Seek her out. She is AMAZING! I've dealt with anxieties, depression, nightmares, stress, misguidance, lack of focus, lack of connectedness from God from my guides and my Angels and lack of motivation. Through her it's as if she set a fire under my soul. I can get through a day without a panic attack. I can focus like never before. Depression has lifted. Everything I mentioned is pretty much resolved. I need to do a little work on my part, but I feel like a brand new person. Thank God and to my Angels who led me to her and of course the 7 Day Miracle Challenge where I first learned of her. You need help? Even money is hard to come by for me as I have 6 children, but I decided I was worth it and I was tired of being stuck. I'm not stuck anymore and I feel free and full of Love and grounded for the first time in my life.

Shyvonne - Canada

I loved my healing session with Christy! I could feel the energetic shift almost immediately. Afterwards, I was rather tired yet full of energy, feeling utterly calm, balanced, and grounded...with a sense of increased love and understanding for all. And for the first time in years, I felt whole and that I was back in my body.

Kimberly Klein - Pennsylvania, USA

Christy is caring, knowledgeable, thorough, and willing to go the extra mile. Not only does she aide you in healing, she ultimately wants to help you learn to heal yourself. Her modalities of healing are both modern and ancient at the same time and they are always used in love and light and for the highest and best good. There are no side effects or detox reactions when clearing and healing with Christy. Everything is gentle, yet still very effective. The various healing methods and modalities that Christy employs are like the missing links to healing, going beyond what modern and traditional complimentary medicines can do alone.

I still say you need to teach what all you have discovered/use in a comprehensive model of healing. I'll take that :)

April Milam MS, LPC, NCC, Licensed Professional Counselor - North Carolina, USA

I could definitely feel a higher vibration and light flood through me....remained in the frequency for quite some time. Very safe and she explained herself very well. I felt very sacred and safe. She was genuine and very compassionate. Her ability to connect with my energy and her delivery of the downloads were unbelievably effective. Her angel card readings were spot on! She was a true blessing! Thank you.

Barb Lins - USA

It is my honor to write this testimonial for such a gifted healer. Christy works from the heart...a heart that is filled with love and compassion for her fellow man (and, I might add for the precious animals that we share our world with...she has helped my fur babies on several occasions). She doesn't take credit for the wonderful work that she does; she gives credit to our Creator (and, I suppose rightly so)...but, she is the messenger and God certainly made one amazing choice. I've had multiple sessions with Christy and will continue to have many more, God willing. She takes the time to explain things that you might not understand and explains the "why" as well... that, in itself, meant a great deal to me as I was (and still am) just "remembering". I initially called upon Christy for help with pain... she showed me the causation and how to release my own pain and guided me to open my heart and to learn to completely "trust"....what I received spiritually from her is indescribable! It's simply amazing how far I've come in such a short period of time. Christy is a rare find...she's like your big sister that you love, respect and admire who's beautiful inside and out. It's not often you cross paths with a gifted individual with such integrity and dependability. She has forever changed my life and there are not enough words to thank her for always being there for me; for helping to restore my health, expand my spiritual awareness and awaken my soul. It's early yet in my spiritual journey but gratefully, Christy is guiding me gently back "Home". She's held my hand every step of the way....helping me to remember. She feels like "Home" to me - can you imagine a better feeling than that? Pure joy in my heart is what I feel when I think of Christy and all that she has come to mean to me. Thank you, Christy.... thank you...

Nancy Brady, RN - County Cork, Ireland

Christy takes a very sweet, gentle, caring approach towards my experiences with healing sessions. She is truly dedicated to providing quality care. She was very insightful, her connection to the Divine was very evident, and she is incredibly knowledgeable on various healing modalities. I felt light as a feather, clear, focused, energetic after our sessions. She even helped me when I was suffering from sinus pressure/coughing, I could feel the physical sensations near my spine, pure Divine healing.

Aurora - North Carolina, USA

I felt excited actually to keep going. I felt positive and encouraged. Christy is a very kind and sweet soul. She was great with very positive messages that completely resonated. Christy's channeled messages were wonderful.

Moira - USA

I felt very light and happy. My mind, body and soul had received an awesome gift. Most definitely felt safe, every step was explained and I could feel the positive energy. The messages given were given with love and light. Christy has many strengths and she is kind, understanding and delivered the most mind blowing messages to me. The messages were in direct relation to an incident that had only occurred a couple hours before we had our call. I was feeling a bit disconnected and after the call with Christy I felt so much better. She is a beautiful gentle soul with great skills. I was feeling a bit confused and unsure before my next session with Christy, but the messages received gave me clarity. The session was fun with creativity being brought in. I felt very centered and light by the end of our session. She is very open and the session is always filled with light. Messages were definitely from a place of light. Christy has many strengths however with this session her strength was in the body scan and downloads. My body experienced tingles and vibrations from my head through to my toes. Every session I share with Christy leaves me feeling lighter and empowered and brings a new enlightenment for me. Love the energy and positivity she has and infuses into each session.

Rea - Australia

I felt all floaty at first and then had a lot of energy and motivation. She talks you through everything she does. Her messages were always from light and love. She was very intuitive as far as my aura and chakras. She knew where there were chords connected and how many and was able to clean them up. She gave me messages that I could validate. Christy was fun to work with and very knowledgeable.

Sue – USA

I walked into my session congested and by the end I was feeling no congestion. It was very easy to follow her instructions and she always asked and checked in how I was feeling. My session was very positive Christy was able to speak to me and made me feel safe I felt like she understood what I wanted healed. I was light as a feather. She gave messages from a peaceful place. She is able to listen in on what a person needs and create the best form of healing for the session. I was very impressed how Christy worked with me and gave me positive results and even gave tips on how to continue my healing so it could have a lasting effect.

Eunice – USA

I was feeling so blocked before, with all the work she did and all the beautiful downloads she gave me, I felt so so sooo much better afterwards. I felt safe totally, because I could feel her aim was to make me feel better. She totally rocked. She is amazing with the downloads and with giving messages. I am totally grateful for this session, she helped me so much to become aware of so many things!

Andac – Germany

Yes, she is an amazing healer. Just amazing. So powerful and helped me a lot. The healing is just instant and lasts for a long time. I really felt in Heaven. The messages are very accurate. Christy, you are just amazing. So powerful.

Jasmina – Norway

I felt lighter and she had brought attention for clearing the belief from a past life associated with leg pain. She gave recommendations of what to do to help clear the belief while it still was to clear within the week. Christy is very knowledgeable and her voice is soothing when she is explaining what she is doing for healing and clearing a belief. Love how Christy was able to use her intuition to validate where the belief originated from this life or past life, with my leg issue. I could feel the movement of the healing energy circulate within my leg. Thank you Christy for the healing and attention to the belief attached to it and the downloads to help clear it.

Kelly – USA

I had the pleasure of receiving an Angel reading from Christy Warnick. I came away with a renewed sense of self, spirit, purpose and overall good feeling. It was a magical “spiritual shower” that lifted my heart and soul. She is extraordinary, kind, sweet and very accurate. I look forward to working with Christy Warnick again.

Blessings, Marcella A. - Westchester, IL

Wow! It was an amazing experience and I am so grateful for this. I felt tingling all over and my body felt light. I have always found it very hard to cry but after the session tears just flowed like a fountain!! I felt tingling all over and felt very safe from the start. I felt a good connection at the beginning and Christy made me feel at ease. She was always explaining everything she was doing and asked for permission. I felt safe that I could surrender my body and soul to her. It was a wonderful experience and I will definitely be back for more. I didn’t know what to expect from the session but was amazed by the session. My body feels light. I can't thank you enough and would highly recommend Christy.

Carolann Willis – U.K.

I just had the most incredible healing session with Christy. I was not sure what to expect and was open to all that came through and her warmth and divine connection put me into a place of peace so fast. She touched on so many areas of healing and so many levels that my whole body seemed connected to love. Her guidance on issues then her work with angels was a incredible experience!! Her insights into my energy and body then clearing left my body feeling so grounded and in such a joyous vibe all at once. To say Im grateful and honoured to have had this time with such a profound healer is a understatement. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I feel so cleansed and awake.. like I am breathing life in more than ever before!!

Jen Goodwin - Canada

I feel as if I am processing energetic shifts and energy moving about a lot. Christy was compassionate and very knowledgeable about angels. She explained well the techniques she was using and I definitely felt lighter after the session. I feel as if I am going through some energetic shifts which will shift some stuff. I’m very interested in working with Christy again and shifting more blocks. Thanks Christy xx

Dianne Mocelutu – New Zealand

My body felt like energy was actually leaving it..then a warm calm with a tingle and groundedness. My breathing became deeper and slower. At one point I felt like I was moving in a circle even though I was sitting still. I felt very safe with this Christy. She had such a genuine warmth and comforting feeling. I felt how she loves what she was doing and that openness made me feel very safe. I felt a divine love and light. I was moved into such a place of peace and even excitement anticipation feelings. I feel her strengths were her intuition, her connection to Source and angels. Her abilities were profoundly accurate and felt touched many levels of healing all at once. She is truly a gift to this world. I feel so grateful to have received such a gift of healing and alignment. She was reassuring and explained so many things to me in such a short period of time. The session was so filled with healing. I am in a state of almost kidlike joy after my session with her. I feel blessed and honored to have had this time of healing with this amazing woman.

Jen - Ontario

I was feeling very strong and peaceful. Christy was focusing on my highest good and the highest good of all involved. Yes I definitely felt Christy was coming from a place of light. She had calmness and confidence.

Louise D - Australia

Christy read three cards from her tarot deck, did a body scan to clear any blocks, cleared my chakras and so much other stuff I can't remember the names of! It was awesome!!! I feel lighter, more energized and not so worried. And a little giddy! Christy was absolutely amazing, kind, knowledgeable and really down to earth. Super easy to talk with. She really tapped into my aura and feelings. She knew I had digestive issues and I never mentioned a thing about it. She was bang on about everything that is going on in my life at the moment. Christy is a true healer and you can tell she is passionate about what she does and wants to help us all to learn and grow.

Lisa MacKinnon - Canada

There was definitely some movement in all through the session. After the session I felt energized. She has a song to her voice that makes you feel safe. The messages were from a place of light. Christy is a very gifted healer. She has a very strong connection with the Angels and is very good at defining what requires aligning, what needs clearing and what needs to be juiced up! I very much enjoyed my session and look forward to more in the future. I would just like to say thank you!

Laurena – Nova Scotia

I saw a white butterfly during the call. She was calming and wonderful. It was beautiful. Christy helped me a lot. I am going through some tough times and I felt like she understood and really wanted to help me. I felt extremely peaceful. Thank you so much for the beautiful experience!

Michelle Stone - USA

After my session with Christy, I am relaxing now. I wanted to have this moment and I am now having this beautiful moment with gratitude. I was too much affected by mass consciousness and gaining weight also.... Now I am grateful to get help from her. I was able to send my résumé to companies that I didn't expect during memorial weekend. Both companies have now sent me confirmation messages regarding my résumé. Her session brought me peace and confidence. She has helped me clear myself not only physical plane, but also multidimensional spaces and timelines along with past lives, ancestral karmas and any hidden spaces and presences. I don't think many healers can do this work like the way she does. With her strong intentions and sending the angels to help with my situation the week before, the water to my building was restored the same day.

Christy, please be you with your gifts and be that for many people on this planet. Also, please teach people around the world who need to learn from you People need you. Thank you!

Naoko – California, USA

I could breathe easier at one point and felt a powerful lift/ shift. Her energy is easy and comfortable and confident. She has many strengths. There was ease in her finding answers and messages. She was great at communicating. I feel grounded. I really appreciate the session and I needed the messages, encouragement and affirmation. I highly recommend Christy. Thank you.

Jenny Murphy – South Carolina, USA

Healing through the phone was spectacular. Through short meditation, I felt open and Intuitive. Truly amazing as I had huge blocks. I felt absolutely safe and she explained everything to me and asked permission to carry out healing. There was pure love. Her Intuition and connection with Angels, Archangels and Source/Creator. It was magical. I am filled with pure love and light.

Marie Butler - Ireland

Christy used various helpful techniques during our session. She started by asking me what I wanted to focus on. Then she was first guided to draw 3 cards from a deck and each card brought a message that deeply resonated with the current challenges I wanted guidance on. Then she interpreted those messages for me in the context of my challenges. She also coached me on ways to develop my intuition, and to ask for guidance myself to my guides, angels, archangels. Next she called on several archangels to cut the cords that are not serving me in each area I wanted / needed to improve - and to clear my chakras, to clear emotions, to remove limiting beliefs and interfering subconscious programs. She then read and downloaded, with my permission, a number of useful new beliefs to integrate within myself in order open up to my intuition and be guided towards my life purpose. Towards the end of the session, Christy offered additional advice and resources, such as useful books to read, even sending me links to free online resources to download. I certainly felt a big resonance with her intuitive guidance. I felt open to listen and receive in my mind and heart. During the session I even felt a bit emotional (in a good way), slightly tearing up. And I was aware of energy flowing through my body, of my chakras getting clearer, particularly my solar plexus chakra. I always felt safe and Christy always expressed her actions, guidance and messages as being for my highest good. She was also careful to ask for my prior permission at several stages such as whether or not I was willing to accept some messages or new beliefs before downloading them in me. Everything Christy said was from a place of light and for my highest good. I have benefited greatly from my session with Christy, even considering it was a short one. Christy went straight to the core of what I needed to address and also highlighted other areas I also need to work on which I was not presently conscious of, yet felt right to me when she mentioned them. She gave me more clarity and awareness and validated the key areas I need to strengthen or pay more attention to which is what I needed to hear and feel. I would certainly recommend Christy. She obviously cares about helping others and loves her work.

Bertrand - Austrailia

During and after the session, my heart beat felt so strong and I had tingling around my head. This morning I woke up feeling great, haven't felt this way in a long time. She was very gentle and explained everything well and always got my permission before doing anything. All messages were from the light. She is very intuitive and a very gentle soul. I was a little uneasy before as I didn't know what to expect but as soon as we spoke all that disappeared instantly.

Tracey Ap'Gwilym - Ireland

I feel more at ease with myself, like weights were lifted. I felt very comfortable. The cleansing was awesome. I feel better overall and things that I was concerned about aren't bothering me anymore.

Sally Palmeter – Indiana, USA

Angels were with me as described by Christy. I had angel bumps and needed a big wee after a gallbladder clearing which came out of the blue as I had just been. I felt like we were on the same page with beliefs. I felt very as ease and learned a lot!!! All answers were from a place of love and light. Very, very knowledgeable. She knew all about clearing and it felt very powerful. She was a fabulous reader. Christy went above and beyond in my reading and I will be going back for teaching in the not so distant future. I want to learn from her. Was brilliant!!!

Kerris Alexandra – United Kingdom

I'm able to meditate much easier. Christy is very calming and answered all my questions. She is very knowledgeable and explains things in a clean and understanding way. This session has given me insight and directions on what I need to work on in order to heal myself. It has given me the ability to focus on my inner child and repair and/or give self-love by way of meditation and growth. It has opened a whole new world for me with endless opportunities. It was a blessing to be picked for this session and to have such a wonderful healer.

Jolene Witherall – Ohio, USA

I know the amount I paid does not cover even a fraction of what you have invested in me during our half hour session and all the things you taught me.  You were spot on with your assessment.  I need to remember to consciously intend for my shields and healthy boundaries to go up from the second I wake up and also for my sleep realms.  It especially helps before I go in public or at the gym so I don't feel hooked by everything and everyone.  The songs that are played everywhere used to send me into sadness or tears over my soulmate half of the time.  You saved my sanity.  I wake up singing or humming and I am back to dancing to my music... It's just me, myself and I now -  and it feels so good to be free.


Lorena - North Carolina, USA

It's hard to identify all of the positive changes that have happened since working with Christy and The Star Program. She does so much for her clients. I feel closer to and more hopeful of achieving my health, professional, and personal goals. I am taking fewer supplements. My energy and patience have improved. My muscle testing is more accurate and I am more confident in my own energy healing methods. I dream again and that hasn't happened in years. Relationships in my family have improved. I believe more than ever in manifesting positive things in my and my family's lives. Overall, Christy's intentions are very pure and light driven. She uses her own journey to help others and she is always learning more and more which she is happy to share.

April - USA

The STAR Program has been a huge gift I have offered to myself. I was ready to expand and connect with my soul and Christy has really given me all the support and the key to do so....a lot of support. Her suggestions and inspirations, her loving and attentive presence have helped me so much to shift my point of view. Now, after three months, I see that I can manifest what I choose. I am beginning to surrender and let go of the control and I am beginning to believe that everything is possible....that I can manifest the life of my dreams and that miracles happen....and this is just the beginning!! I am really thankful to Christy for this! This is a magical program! Thank you!

Claudia - Italy

I can call myself a lucky girl. I met Christy in the Angel Alchemy Academy and the first time I had a session with her, I saw her like a star and at that time I couldn't understand why. With time we started working on a regular basis and every single time I had a session with her I felt happier and healthier. My soul was truly happy and thankful. I started calling my sessions with Christy - my soul SPA.

I was lucky enough to take part in her STAR Program. I was so willing to change. I wanted to feel happy and healthy every second and not just occasionally. During the first three months, I changed dramatically. Here are few major points in my transformation:

1. I am so deeply in love with myself. This was so big for me. Now I can feel the love in every cell of my body and I have this beautiful knowing that I deserve the best.

2. I am self-aware of what I say and what I do, because I manifest so fast and in most cases I see results on the same day.

3. I keep my thoughts positive because I only want to manifest the things that I want.

4. I am really joyful and happy all the time.

5. I am truly in love with my life.

6. I am completely healthy.

And much, much more.

Christy is a phenomenal healer, extremely educated and with deep knowing of what she is doing. Christy is a very caring, precise and respectful healer. She sees the star in you, believes in you and gives you the strength, the healing and the support you need to stay strong in your power and to manifest the life you want and choose. These are qualities that few in the world possess. I am deeply thankful to Christy. I am a really lucky, lucky girl that I met Christy!

Zhasmina - Norway