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I am a true believer in miracles and that anything is possible.  I bring that energy and intention with me into each session along with what is for the highest and best good by connecting with the Angels and all of the Divine.

It is my purpose to be a healer and teacher along with many other amazing things.  That is why energy healing, angel alchemy and being connected to the Divine really resonates with me.

My spiritual journey has been ongoing in this lifetime, but really started changing within the past 5 years and I have been learning and healing every day since my “wake up call” or a "course correction".  I love helping to create and witness clearings, healings and miracles along with receiving messages and guidance from a place of love and light.

There are many titles that I can use…Spiritual, Intuitive and Energy Healer, Light Worker and Certified Angel Alchemist, but witnessing others receive what it is that they need and want and for them to realize and become all that they truly are and are meant to be is a wonderful blessing for me.

I help with more than physical healing.  There is a much bigger picture when it comes to healing and there are many different levels and parts to each of us. I love helping with all aspects of the entire being.  I am here to change lives and I can help to change your life for the better.  The possibilities are endless and so much can change in an instant.  Healing can be on the physical, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual, relational, dimensional and generational levels and so much more.  My life purposes include being a healer and teacher, creating miracles, manifesting and so much more.  Each session is different and custom designed for you because everyone is unique in their own way.  I also work with animals, babies and children along with clearing electronics, houses and properties of negative energies too.


I was recently interviewed by Tyhson Banighen.  Here is the show information...

TWS Episode 153: Christy Warnick:Healing Manifesting and Miracles

Tyhson Banighen interviews Christy Warnick’s who’s spiritual journey started a few years ago with a “wake up call” or what she calls a course correction. After having some allergy symptoms and looking for and finding alternative treatments for them, her health kept getting worse. She was given a choice and chose to follow a divinely guided spiritual path to save her life. Once it was evident that medical doctors were unable to help her, she turned to energy healing for help.

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