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ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! That is so very true and I help you to transform your life for the better and to be free of struggling or suffering.

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the power of energy healing

A live weekly show on The Akashic Academy Facebook page hosted by me!  Every Tuesday at 12:00 pm ET / 11:00 am CT / 9:00 am PT

THE POWER OF ENERGY HEALING show hosted by Christy Warnick - Spiritual, Intuitive and Energy Healer will provide viewers with many different ways to do their own healing and also provide them with tools, information and energy healing. It will be a variety of interviews with energy healers and lightworkers, Q & A sessions, muscle testing techniques, meditations, grounding exercises, how to manifest with the law of attraction, playing with frequency codes, self care techniques, group clearings and healings, positive and beneficial downloads and activations and so much more. It is a show that will allow each person to tap into the field of miracles and infinite possibilities to help them create the reality that they want. There will be so many opportunities to learn more about energy alchemy and to inspire and empower people to be who they are truly meant to be and learn how to manifest what they want more quickly. This show is a must see that will be life changing that everyone will want to share with others!

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Using Frequency Numbers:

Below are some beneficial frequencies that can be used in many different ways...

*You can read the numbers and repeat them 7 times several times a day.

*You can write them down or print them out and carry them around with you or put them somewhere that you will see them often.

*You can place them under your pillow.

*You can write them or print them out and put them on a container of water and they will be infused into the water within 6 to 8 hours. You can drink this water and/or put some in a spray bottle and spray it around your home, body or anywhere.

*You can intend or ask for them to be downloaded into you, water, crystals or anything else.

There are many other ways to use these....get creative!

Emotion & Energy 89415769498

Emotion Normalize 83568346587

Emotional Balance 47685148897

Emotional Release 68426632367

Gratitude 68785568427

Grounding Increase 36466826327

I Am Happy with Myself 32683647684

Motivation Increase  42374658678

Raise Emotional Energy 45787686368

Think Positively 77365846578

Correct Energy Flow 68365743775

Creativity 552785794

Happy 657685

Joy 97496893463

Financial Abundance 229578589

Ability to Earn Money 374685812

Confident of Prosperity 87467894

Expect a Miracle 821 11 77 631

Clearing/Healing 41869884796

Release Negative Energies from the Body 9988676258834372

Mental Stability 67917668378

Confidence 68364868368

Love at Highest Level 33465846687

Forgiveness 116979458

Healer 217779986

Intuition 54385694

Intuitive 985869763

Spirituality 219658393

Positive Energy for Great Wealth 87367677285

Prosperity 346325845

Memory 78273648589

Balance & Normalize all Chromosome Functions 94283746328—94673648727

I Am Happy with Myself 32683647684

I Am a Beautiful Person 68428943678

Self-confidence Improve 68364868368

Self-esteem Improve 68426789469

Sense of Self-restore 46887298674

Life Boost 98476852279

Preserve Health & Life Energy 94486797376

Eliminate Cause Preventing Healing 68923643687

Immune Boost 111111111

Bacteria Elimination 68574857834

Bacteria and Virus Elimination 942736564378

Viral-like Condition Elimination 98978894876

Allergy Relief 78375847778

Immune System Boost 85465778526

Eliminate Some Form of Fungus/Bacteria/Virus 68273867887

Eliminate State of Ill Health 93689238479

Good Energy 78394668274

Healing Cleanse 41869884796

Repair Leaky Gut 48723748

Bromelain - Digestive aide and anti-inflammation 86274872328

Carrots - Oxygen to body cells, helps lungs and eyes 46376728465

Cashews - Good for heart muscles, lungs, bronchial, anti-viral, fungal and bacteria 68526334547

Chia Seed - Good for heart, circulation, blood pressure, blood, liver, spleen, kidneys, digestion, energy, nutrition 46684668478

Frankincense 68684857487

Moon Energy Balance 386349685

Energy and Health Stabilizer 99477867785

Protect Against Undesirable Energies 88436847676

Eliminate Negative energy Influence 58924762787

Protection From Outside Energy Interference 47583969957

Aura Clear 78468246665

Protect From Dark Energy 88523857365

Intuition Developing 38466887337

Third Eye Opening 78364768466

Chi Energy Increase 397889796

Correct Energy Flow 68365743775

Good Luck Number 2243563624435672

Higher State of Consciousness 66485989639

Oneness 26688857747

(Most of these frequency numbers are from the Energy Balancing By Numbers manual by Lloyd and Phyllis Mear)


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